Saturday, January 9, 2010

Voice Actor Mark Kettner

Mr Mark Kettner decided that it was time to get himself a job in the world of voice-overs. So we worked together on producing a demo recording which would showcase his pleasant, trustworthy voice in several different styles.

Several ads were included: humorous "gardening", hot cereal, high-class automobile, and blue-collar Christmas.

Also a few theatrical bits, and some technical medical and office paragraphs, and a couple of historical pieces on the ancient Maya and Rudolph (the Sheik) Valentino.

All in all, a very nice representation of work that seemed very well-suited to Mark's mellifluous tones.

But for the opening "grabber" track, Mark chose a mashup that we did, which included bits of most of those recordings, strung together in a humorous ping-pong stereo presentation.

Here it is:

If you have some voiceover work that needs to be done, please contact Mark at

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