Sunday, June 6, 2010

Diana Lawrence - New Album

"Is that THE Diana Lawrence?!?"

"Is that Steve Jansen, the Moonroom GOOROO?"


Mastering (here at the Moonroom) on the new Diana And The Dishes album (featuring super-talented singer/ songwriter/ pianist Diana Lawrence!) "Take A Picture" is complete.

Production by Mike "Doesn't-He-Ever-Stop-Working" Przygoda (where have I heard that name before?).

This album is simply a JOY to listen to: replete with string sections, bells, vibes, swirling organs, banjo, horns, phenomenal guitar work...lyrics and delivery that alternate between heartbreak and hilarity...something like Ben Folds jamming with Chicago's best session musicians with Motown's Norman Whitfield producing.

Check out a few songs at to hear what I'm talking about. The album should be out very soon - you must get it.

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