Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Upcoming Gus Stagg Album

After working for several months on the latest Gus Stagg project, we are now probably almost maybe certainly close enough to the finish line to announce his new forthcoming album, "New Songs for Old Souls"...

As a bit of a preview/teaser, here is a video of an alternate take of one of the album tracks, "My Job To Do":

Of course, the video only has fair-to-middling audio quality, having been recorded directly into the camera microphone...but it's not too bad. I should be able to post a track or two of some higher-quality bits that couldn't fit on the album - some interesting studio banter, some quasi-intellectual ramblings about the songwriting process, ditties about duct tape...maybe that knock-knock joke about Tom Waits...

We'll keep you posted!

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